Ours Services network of trucks allow us to provide delivery services that fit a wide and comprehensive range of our clients' requirements, including:

  • Inside pick-up and/or delivery
  • Pick-up or delivery locations that require liftgate service or stair carries
  • Timestop requirements
  • Detailed inventory requirements
  • Inspection
We are your single-source solution for delivery service.
You deal with one company. No more negotiating prices with multiple carriers or coordinating services across companies. You get the benefit of pricing that is built around your needs, including transport and any special delivery requirements. We can handle your needs from pickup all the way through to delivery - eliminating confusion and offering a seamless delivery process. 

To see how we can h

elp with your delivery needs -  contact us today using our contact form at the top of the page - or call us at 740.928.9206.


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